Geschke Beard Balm

No shave 'til Paris

Geschke beard balm is the balm for the bearded cyclist

Crafted in between Flanders’ most epic cobbles & climbs.
Made for those who shave their guns and shape their beards.
Men who keep their head high and chin up fiercely – even into a tough head wind.

The ones leading by example. Closing the gaps.
Planning the perfect breakaway.
The balm for the bearded men, dancing on the pedals.
Fueled by their passion for the road ahead.
A love beyond category.

Sheer beard pleasure,
all day long

Keep on riding! Geschke Beard Balm keeps your beard in great shape for at least 12 to 24 hours. Even during the roughest of rides. Okay, we cannot guarantee your beard won’t need a small touch up after 100+ kilometers in rain, hail and snow. But then again, so will the rest of you.

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Get in perfect shape

100% natural and hypoallergenic

Bees wax

Holds your lines.
Takes care of the ‘hold’ in your beard. Just right to keep it in shape, yet not make it too stiff.

Coconut butter

Spreads the joy.
Moistures the skin and smoothes all hairs. Ensures a perfect spread, by subtly melting while rubbing it in your hands.

Almond oil

Softens your time in the wind.
Moistures and softens both skin and beard. For that soft windy feel! Hypoallergenic, anti-oxidant, naturally rich in Vitamin E.

A secret drop

For smooth riding.
A unique blend of high-quality oils, containing tea tree, a naturally antibacterial and antiseptic that prevents ingrown hairs and beardruff. Makes your beard smell great too. Nice bonus, since it’s growing right under your nose!

Gift an epic soigneur moment to a bearded buddy

A single balm box will be boosting your buddy’s beard for several months at least. Anywhere between 0 and 3500km on the bike. That’s about ten Tours of Flanders or one hell of a Tour de France. Quite epic, isn’t?

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The brotherhood of bikes & beards

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